jodi whalen

I’m Jodi Whalen.  I’m an artist.   I like to draw letters and boxes and cities (and me).  I’m sometimes nervous and cranky, but often loving and fun.  I try to meditate and often ponder why people like houseplants and Keen sandals.

I live in Burlington, Vermont with my 2 kids, my husband, Phil, a dog named Stella, a cat named Jake, and an occasional raccoon that eats our backyard grapes.

LetterBoxCity, the blog, is inspired by the comic journals that I’ve been creating privately for years.  They’ve been a great way for me to work out my worries, and laugh at my little existence.   The stories here are true, (for the most part!)  and are a part of the tapestry of experience that makes me who I am.

Contact:  jodi.whalen (at) gmail.com

Art website:  http://www.jodiwhalen.com


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